Click here to zoom in on this Hydraulic Power UnitFPI Hydraulic systems are designed and manufactured to customer specification, and range from small individual power units to complex electro-hydraulic systems.

System refurbishment is a growing area for FPI, especially when you consider the cost savings that could be made. Sometimes as much as 40% as compared to the cost of new. Try us ... 01744 751133



System Refurbishment

Most of the time the existing system requires just the pump and a couple of valves to be replaced. And with little or no design to be done, it is clear to see the time and cost savings that could be achieved. If you are working to a tight budget, then this option can certainly save you money.


FPI Northwest Power Unit Refurbishment Report

Power system before refurbishment


Power system after refurbishment


Power Unit Refurbishment Report


FPI supply and manufacture both simple and sophisticated filter solutions, mainly applied in hydraulic and lubrication systems. The range of solutions that have been implemented extend from stationary industrial plant to mobile applications.


FPI offer a comprehensive range of innovative standard solutions for a wide variety of sectors :

• Suction filters
• Return filters
• Pressure filters
• Filling and ventilating filters
• Filter accessories (inc. off-line filtration units)


Fluid Management

As well as reducing maintenance and service costs, efficient fluid management is also a key factor in boosting the reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness of the operation.

Fluid management

FPI supply application-orientated products for manual and automatic cleaning of hydraulic fluids :

• Off-line filters
• Off-line filter units
• Oil service units
• Dewatering units


Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring of fluid power systems provides reliable assessment of the condition of the system and the fluids in use in the system.

Sensors and measurement technology precisely target this range of tasks.

Our fluid and system monitoring products comprise equipment and system solutions to enable online monitoring during continuous operation.

Sensor Tester Flow indicator