FPI can offer:

Industrial Hose

Long length hoses
Hoses in PVC, dynamically vulcanised thermoplastic rubber and vulcanised rubber with textile reinforcement. Designed for economical and versatile use with air, gas, water, fuels and general fluids.

PVC suction hoses
These hoses are produced by a rigid plastic-coated PVC co-extrusion process and are used to convey air, water, foodstuffs and fuels where the application is not so severe as to require a mandrel built rubber hose.

Thermoplastic rubber suction hoses
Manufactured by the co-extrusion of dynamically vulcanised thermoplastic rubber and polyethylene, these products are designed for the handling of gas, water, abrasives and chemicals where maximum resistance to atmospheric agents, flexibility at low temperatures and recycling at the end of product life is required.

Mandrel hoses
Produced in rubber with textile and or steel wire reinforcement on 61 m. long mandrels, these hoses are the solution to all heavy duty industrial conveying needs.

Stainless steel flexible hoses
These composite hoses are mainly used by the petrochemical industry for the suction and delivery of various chemical products with an aromatic content as high as 100%.

A wide range of fittings for different applications is the natural complement to our Industrial hoses.