Engine Oils

Engine oil tested for high performance

Highly tested quality graded engine oils for both petrol and diesel engines, conforming to demanding OEM and automotive international standards.


Gear / Transmission Oils

High performance gear and transmission oils

Meeting OEM requirements for operating under high shock and high load conditions, whilst high levels of anti-wear and lubricity are still a requirement.


Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oils for large machinery

Premium quality hydraulic oils, triple inhibited to give outstanding anti-wear, oxidation and rust inhibition properties.


Compressor Oils

Compressor oils tested for high performance

Premium performance compressor oils, utilising the most modern additive technology to impart outstanding oxidation stability and wear protection.



Greases tested for high load bearing capabilities

Lithium and synthetic greases having excellent high temperature and high load bearing capabilities.



Anti freeze for extreme weather conditions

Glycol and non-glycol based fluids designed to work in extreme temperature conditions.